Air Conditioning (A/C) Maintenance

Air Conditioning, A/C, AC Maintenance Maintenance is required by most manufactures of air conditioning equipment to maintain product warranties. We recommend a minimum of  two annual maintenance visits. One in the spring, to insure there are no detectable issues or concerns regarding the heating system becoming dormant, while insuring the cooling system is ready to take on the relentless task of keeping you cool throughout the summer.

In the fall, we revisit, to see if there are any issues or concerns regarding the cooling system going dormant and the heating system firing up to keep you toasty warm for the winter. Preventative maintenance often prevents costly, untimely repairs.

During both visits we perform the required cleaning and lubrication as required by the specific equipment being maintained.

Residential Air Conditioning System, AC Tune-Up

$69.99 Per Visit, System, Condenser

  • We Maintain All Makes and Models of Residential Central Air Conditioning System Equipment

    In the spring, usually before the first use of your residential central air conditioning and heating system, we will come out and perform an AC Tune-Up to insure your air conditioner is performing effectively, efficiently and safely. Below are a few things we will check and perform during this visit.

  • Clean and Degrease Condensing Coil (outside unit)
  • Test Starting Capabilities
  • Examine and Check Safety Controls
  • Test Electronic Components
  • Check Operation Pressure (Freon)
  • Test Condensate Drain System
  • Evaluate Ductwork Layout and Design
  • Inspect Return System for Money Wasting Air Leakage

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